Software pricing

GroundLogs online boring log software comes in two versions – Basic and Pro. The features of each version are described on the Software Features page. The Basic version is Free. The Pro version is available in three pricing options (explained below):

  • Per Log,
  • Monthly Unlimited Use,
  • Bulk Logs.

There are no license, maintenance, or upgrade fees associated with the use of GroundLogs Pro software, and no native applications required to use it on tablet computers.

Per Log – Users are invoiced at the completion of each month for any logs completed that month. The advantages of Per Log pricing are:

  1. Fixed cost for each created log;
  2. Log costs are billed to projects and not overhead;
  3. You only pay for logs you create;
  4. Great for occasional use.

Per Log pricing users can choose between receiving a data file only or a PDF log plus data file (see Per Log pricing table at bottom of this page).

Monthly Unimited Use ($49/month/user, billed annually) – Each user is invoiced annually, at the beginning of the yearly activation period, and has unlimited use of the software for a year. The advantages of Monthly Unlimited Use pricing are:

  1. Potential cost savings over Per Log pricing;
  2. Billing takes place only once per year;
  3. Software can be used without project budget restrictions;
  4. Great for frequent use.

Bulk Logs (discounts starting with 500 logs, unlimited users, billed once) – If your company has many users creating many logs, we also offer deep discounts on bulk log purchases. When you purchase a block of Bulk Logs, we top up your company account with logs, and then anyone in your company can create logs against that account. The advantages of Bulk Logs pricing are:

  1. Large cost savings over Per Log pricing;
  2. No monthly billing (it is a one-time purchase);
  3. Software can be used by anyone in your company;
  4. Great for achieving consistent logs across many users and offices.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our pricing options, or would like to discuss a pricing option not presented here, please contact us.


  • Basic soil and rock functionality
  • Single well
  • GroundLogs PDF templates
  • Excel data file ($10/log extra)
$0 (Free)

Pro – Data file only

  • Pro soil and rock functionality
  • Nested wells
  • GroundLogs PDF draft log
  • Data file only (.xls, .gpj, .dat)

Pro – Log + Data file

  • Pro soil and rock functionality
  • Nested wells
  • GroundLogs, gINT®, LogPlot® templates
  • Data file included (.xls, .gpj, .dat)