About us

The GroundLogs company was formed in 2010 to help geoprofessionals get their boring logs done quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively. Prior to GroundLogs, our founder had worked in the environmental and geotechnical engineering consulting industries and environmental regulatory agencies for 25 years. Through firsthand observation it became clear that the quality of boring and well logs produced by consultants for site investigations varies greatly. This experience, and our desire to share it for the benefit of the industry, is what inspired us to form this company.

We believe:

At GroundLogs, we believe geological logging and boring log preparation will improve from the individual professional to large company level. Our industry will eventually create more complete logs, based on industry standards, and more consistent logs from project to project, person to person, and office to office. The time to produce a report-quality log after completion of drilling and the cost to produce a log will continue to decrease. The new generation of inter-connected, mobile phones/computers and the growth of cloud computing will be the primary drivers of these improvements. We are excited about the opportunities that these technologies are already creating for our industry and welcome the opportunity to do our part in facilitating the boring log revolution!

If you would like to learn more about our company, please contact us.