Software FAQ

No. GroundLogs software is online software which you access via your web browser.

GroundLogs software works on desktop computers (Windows or mac operating systems), Apple iPads (iPad 2 and higher), Android tablets (e.g., Samsung Galaxy Tab 3). For tablet computer users, we strongly recommend a minimum 10-inch display for better visibility of the software. GroundLogs software is not designed for use on mobile phones due to the size of their display.

We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For tablet users, GroundLogs works with Safari (iOS devices) and Chrome (Android devices).

GroundLogs software looks the same on desktop and tablet computers. We highly recommend that you practice entering data at your desktop, at your own pace in controlled conditions, to familiarize yourself with the way the software works before going out in the field and using it. We provide useful references for field users in the Help section of our site.

When you Register, you become eligible for free web training which takes 30-45 minutes and trains you how to create logs using GroundLogs software. Some users forego web training and learn how to use the software on their own by trying it (the software was designed by a field geologist to be intuitive). As you use the software more, you will become more proficient at it, which will decrease the amount of time it takes you to create a log.

You can trial our software for free by using our Basic software, which is Free. All you need to do is register on this website. If you would like to trial our Pro software, please contact us.

Yes. GroundLogs software works offline through the installation of a web app (like a bookmark for a web page). Once all of your GroundLogs field log forms are saved to the web app, you can use the forms offline on your tablet computer by accessing them through the web app.

Yes. If you are working offline in the field on your tablet computer, but have a telephone along that lets you create a mobile hotspot, you can synchronize the data from your tablet to the cloud via the hotspot.

When working offline, your data is stored in the cache of the tablet computer and it is not viewable by you. For this reason, it is imperative that you do not clear the cache, browsing history, cookies, or data on your device before you have ensured that all stored data in the device has been successfully saved to the cloud.

Yes. The moment you save your data to the cloud, your log is viewable, but not editable, by anyone in your company that has access to the project site in the portal.

You can make edits as long as you like before generating PDF logs or sending the logs for drafting. We therefore recommend that you finalize the logs online to the maximum extent possible before generating Final PDF logs or sending the logs for drafting.