Problems we solve

What geologic logging and boring log preparation challenges do you face? Are your field logs illegible or incomplete? Or maybe your drafted logs look different from person to person? Is everyone out in the field and your logs are delayed? Why do your logs have to cost so much to produce?

From what we’ve learned, there are numerous geological logging and boring log preparation challenges faced by environmental and geotechnical engineering consultants. These fall into four broad categories:

  • Consistency – Logging and logs are inconsistent between people and offices within a company;
  • Assurance – Logging and log standards are not documented, or standards not sufficiently enforced, to ensure all required data is collected and presented in a way that meets company and industry standards;
  • Efficiency – Manual data transfer from paper logs to boring log software is time-consuming, and logs are often drafted weeks after the fieldwork is done; and
  • Cost-Effectiveness – The cost of preparing boring logs is difficult to contain because inefficient or inconsistent processes are being used for log drafting and log review.

Do any of these problems sound familiar to you? Are you too busy getting work done to be able to focus on solving these problems? If so, please review the information in each sub-section of this page to see if the proposed solutions might be appropriate for addressing the problems you currently face. If you would like help implementing any of the proposed solutions, please contact us. All of the proposed solutions are solutions we have implemented, at the office, program, or company levels.

If you are faced with a geological logging or boring log preparation problem not listed here, please contact us – we would like to learn more about it from you.