Log templates

How many different boring log templates do you currently use? Are any of these templates required by your company, clients, or regulatory agencies? Why can’t the geoconsulting industry migrate to fewer log templates?

A log template is a format for communicating geological and other data obtained during subsurface exploration activities. Given how differently we each communicate, it is not surprising to see the same type of soil boring data presented in as many different templates as the number of people presenting the data.

At GroundLogs, we understand why this situation has evolved in the geoconsulting industry to where it is today, but question – is it really necessary to use so many different log templates? When the number of templates in use increases, it takes more effort and becomes more expensive to maintain all of the templates, be proficient in their use, and review logs created using those templates. With each additional template in circulation, we simply drive up our cost to communicate data in the form of a boring or well log.

At GroundLogs, we believe the number of log templates in use by the geoconsulting industry could be significantly reduced to:

  • Regulatory-required templates – required by regulatory agencies;
  • Client-required templates – required by clients;
  • Company standard templates (where there are no regulatory or client template requirements);
  • Project-type templates – environmental versus geotechnical templates;
  • Technical templates – boring versus well templates, soil versus rock templates.

Does your company have a standard template you would like to use? If yes, we can create logs in your template.

Do you have a regulatory or client template you would like us to match? If yes, let us know. Examples of these include the Florida DEP Boring Log template and the Wisconsin DNR Soil Boring Log Information form.

If your company does not have a standard template and there are no regulatory or client requirements for one, click here to learn more about our GroundLogs standard templates.