Inconsistent logs

Inconsistent logging practices and logs often result between offices of larger companies or large individual offices. Some of the less-than-desirable behaviors and outcomes that can result from a lack of consistency include:

  • Overutilizing or underutilizing certain employees based on how they perform logging or prepare logs;
  • Unnecessary editing and reformatting of logs by reviewers, due their personal preferences;
  • Overreliance upon in-office employees because employees from other offices “do things differently in that office;” and
  • Client perception that the consultant is not able to deliver consistent work products across its offices.

The most common causes of inconsistent logging practices and logs are:

  • Lack of company standards for geological logging and log preparation;
  • Insufficient training of employees in the use of these standards;
  • Lack of tools that support the implementation of company standards; and
  • Company allowance for decentralized decision making regarding logging and log preparation practices.

Recommended solutions may include any or all of the following actions:

  • Creation of standard operating procedures for geological logging, including soil classification and well installation, and log preparation, including standard log templates;
  • Training employees in the use of these standards;
  • Development of tools, such as field forms, that facilitate consistent recording of field data; and
  • Creation of online (intranet) manual of company standards for real-time access to the latest version by all employees.

You can achieve greater consistency in logging and log preparation when you engage GroundLogs in the following ways:

  • Use our online boring log software which ensures that you will always enter data in a consistent manner;
  • Select one of our standard log templates when using our boring log software and log drafting services; and
  • Use our drafting services to prepare logs in your templates and consistently receive drafted logs in those templates.

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