Delayed logs

Delayed logs often result because the manual transfer of data from paper field logs to boring log software is time-consuming and often done weeks after the field drilling event has taken place. The use of inefficient field logging and log preparation practices can result in less-than-desirable behaviors and outcomes, including:

  • Potentially compromising work quality by rushing to complete overdue logs;
  • Multiple review rounds to ensure that field data has been accurately transferred to logs;
  • Overdependence on a limited number of employees proficient in the use of boring log software; and
  • Increased company risk where overdue reports are associated with regulatory fines.

Delayed logs are most commonly caused by:

  • Creation of employee roles that result in sub-optimal performance of individual responsibilities in those roles;
  • Use of inefficient, paper-based processes and/or tools, resulting in unnecessary levels of effort to support the process;
  • Use of tools that are difficult to learn, resulting in few employees trained in their use; and
  • Lack of company systems capable of measuring operational efficiency in sufficient detail.

Recommended solutions, once the cause(s) of the problem(s) is/are understood, may include any or all of the following actions:

  • Engagement of non-local resources via web-based platforms to better meet local skill and capacity requirements;
  • Use of tools, such as field forms and software, that allow for more efficient capture and transfer of field data;
  • Migration from paper- to electronic-based logging and log preparation practices; and
  • Employee training in standards to ensure more efficient review of completed logs.

Achieving greater efficiency in logging and log preparation is made possible for you and your company by GroundLogs in the following ways:

  • We provide field logging software and field forms that are designed for more efficient entry of logging data;
  • We draft logs on fixed turnaround times so that you know when your logs will be ready and can better plan your time; and
  • We provide standard log templates that can be generated instantly once data is entered into our online software.

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