Incomplete logs

Incomplete logs often result when standard logging and log preparation practices are insufficiently defined and/or engrained to ensure that all required data is collected and communicated according to industry standards. The lack of adherence to standards can result in less-than-desirable behaviors and outcomes, including:

  • “Reconstruction” of missing field data from memory, or incorrect interpretation of poor handwriting;
  • Use of non-standard terms during logging, resulting in confusion and rework during the log review process;
  • Compromised decision making based on insufficient or inadequate data; and
  • Non-compliant work products in those cases where regulatory agencies are acting as clients.

Incomplete logs are most commonly caused by:

  • Insufficient training of employees in industry standards and company procedures;
  • Inadequate communication of project-specific data collection and quality objectives to field personnel;
  • Lack of tools that support field data collection according to industry standards and project objectives; and
  • Insufficient company investment in new employee training and existing employee continual education.

Recommended solutions, once the cause(s) of the problem(s) is/are understood, may include any or all of the following actions:

  • Employee training (either in-house or externally) in industry, regulatory, and client standards;
  • Incorporation and communication of industry and other standards in project quality assurance plans and work assignments;
  • Development of tools, such as field forms, that are based on industry standards; and
  • Employee access to a web-enabled repository of applicable standards (e.g., company intranet).

Achieving greater assurance in logging and log preparation is made possible for you and your company by GroundLogs in the following ways:

  • We provide online boring log software and field forms that are based on industry-recognized soil and rock classification standards;
  • We draft logs in regulatory- or client-required templates, where appropriate; and
  • We review the logs we provide you with industry and regulatory standards in mind, and inform you of deviations from those standards.

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If you would like to engage us on a consulting assignment with the goal of improving office, program, or company assurance regarding standards, please contact us. We have extensive experience in training and implementing industry standards from the individual to company levels and in developing technical knowledge management systems that support use of these standards.