Drafting service

Do you have boring logs that need to be quickly drafted for a project? Are you looking for reliable support with log drafting as the need comes up? Or are you interested in just getting your field logging data digitized so that you can finalize the logs more quickly and move on to more interesting tasks?

GroundLogs understands there are numerous reasons why you might seek outside assistance with log drafting. These include quick turnaround time on logs for a project with a short deadline, lack of in-house resources to draft logs, or a desire to improve the quality of your logs and the overall process of preparing logs in support of site investigation reports. We therefore offer the following types of log drafting-related services:

  • Data Digitization – We only digitize your field logs or historical logs into a digital data file; you complete the logs in your own boring log software.
  • Log Drafting – We draft logs from your field notes or historical logs into gINT® or LogPlot® software; you get report-quality logs and the digital data file used by the software.
  • Premium Drafting – We draft logs, plus we provide a quality check of your soil descriptions to support your quality control process.
  • Customizations – We draft logs in non-standard templates (Excel), or create custom templates which you can use in your software.

When using our log drafting services, we offer you the following choices:

  • Software – we draft logs in gINT® and Logplot® software, in addition to our own software;
  • Templates – we draft logs in your template, regulatory templates, or our standard templates;
  • Lithologic descriptions – your format, in either database or text string format;
  • Data files – Excel, .gpj for gINT®, .dat for LogPlot®;
  • Quality check of soil descriptions – we review your soil descriptions for internal consistency;
  • Turnaround time – 7 days (standard) or 3 days (express).

Our log drafting process includes:

  • Recommending field log forms that facilitate more complete and efficient field data capture, and support accurate and efficient log drafting;
  • Supporting your peer review of field logs for completeness and adherence to company standards, prior to submission for drafting, to save drafting iterations and speed time to completion; we can help you create a peer review process/checklist;
  • Performing an initial review of submitted field logs for completeness and confirming the template to be used and any special requirements (e.g., your company standard format or sequence for lithologic descriptions);
  • Drafting personnel skilled in boring log or other software used for log drafting;
  • Communication of data inconsistencies in submitted field logs, and possible tools and practices for improving submittals for drafting.

To get a cost estimate for the log drafting service most appropriate for you, go to Drafting pricing.