gINT templates

If you currently use gINT® to draft boring logs and would like us to draft logs from your field notes using your gINT® template, please contact us. You can also enter data into our online software (field or office) and we will draft logs using your gINT® template.

GroundLogs standard gINT® templates are available with our online boring log software and log drafting services, and offered in two formats – Environmental and Geotechnical.

Environmental templates contain columns for PID (headspace analysis) and Lab Samples.

Geotechnical templates contain columns for Blow Counts, N value, RQD, and Remarks.

For each format, there are templates for borings, single wells, and nested wells.

If you have any questions about our standard gINT® templates, please contact us.

Environmental - Boring Log

Environmental - Single Well Log

Environmental - Nested Well Log

Geotechnical - Boring Log

Geotechnical - Single Well Log

Geotechnical - Nested Well Log