GroundLogs recognizes that where its current expertise and services end, the expertise and services of other companies begin. We seek out these “neighboring" companies as potential partners with which to integrate our geological logging and boring log services into a broader service offering. Such partnerships make it possible to create synergies and capture efficiencies of scale for the benefit of our customers. We also seek out non-technical organizations with which to partner, including private- and public-sector funding organizations and government agencies.

Partners currently include:

Geotech Computer Systems ( – Geotech provides database management and graphics products and services for environmental and similar projects. Many of their clients are in the environmental, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and consulting industries, as well as government agencies. Many of these organizations have large amounts of data needing to be managed. Much of this data is distributed geographically, and Geotech helps its clients manage this data more efficiently and profitably, while making each individual’s job easier and more satisfying.

Columbia Technologies ( – COLUMBIA Technologies applies science, technology, data best practices and engineering to help owners monetize environmentally challenged real property assets. Organizations seeking to reduce the risk, uncertainty and costs of investigation and remediation rely on COLUMBIA Technologies for on-target, data driven assessments and site management strategies that help achieve sustainable long-term outcomes.

ERDF – GroundLogs participation in the 2014, 2015, and 2018 Florida Remediation Conferences, 2015 AEG Annual Meeting, and 2016 GSA SE and 2017 GSA NE/NC Meetings was made possible through the support of the European Regional Development Fund (SKV-L-2016/587).

If you would like to discuss a partnering or integration opportunity, please contact us.