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About us

Welcome fellow geoprofessional to GroundLogs! Are you searching for boring log software or log drafting services to address an immediate need or problem, or a longer-term goal? If so, we help geologists and engineers get their borings logs done quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively. We provide online boring log software and log drafting services, with standard and custom log templates, and are ready to help you!

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Problems we solve

What type of geological logging or boring log preparation problem are you seeking to address? Would you like to: 1) create more professional-looking logs using software fit for purpose, 2) log soil borings on tablet computers and streamline boring log preparation, or 3) have a go-to solution for log drafting? All of our solutions are designed to help you complete your logs quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively.

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Boring log software

What kind of software are you currently using to prepare logs – boring log software or other software? If boring log software, is it: 1) lacking field logging capability or certain features, 2) hard to learn/use, 3) or costly to maintain? If other software, is it: 1) limited in its ability to produce the quality of logs that you need, or 2) inefficient for this purpose? If yes, our boring log software helps address these and other issues.

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Log drafting

Do you have boring logs that need to be quickly drafted for a project? Are you looking for reliable support on log drafting as the need comes up? Or are you interested in just getting your field logging data digitized so that you can finalize the logs more quickly and move on to more interesting tasks? When it comes to log drafting and your particular needs, we can help you in all three of these capacities.

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Log templates

Do you have a standard template that you use for boring logs? Or do you ever have to use a specific template for a regulatory agency or client? If yes, please let us know and we will use your template, or create a custom template, when drafting logs from your field notes or data you enter into our software. If no, please see our standard templates which are included with our log drafting and boring log software services.

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If you can log a soil boring on paper,
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